DocShare is a secure online environment that enables you to freely share, discuss and keep track of sensitive information, files and documents. As a completely dedicated and standalone system your files will be kept separate from your website and only the individuals you choose can access them!

DocShare used on a laptop
Training how to use DocShare

How DocShare Works

  1. DocShare is installed to a secure website location with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate attached. It is then hosted on your choice of Canadian or American servers provided by Sencia Canada Ltd. A one-time installation fee is applied.
  2. You and any employees are offered a training session courtesy of Sencia Canada. We teach you how to manage files, create users, set restrictions, manage versions and also answer any questions.
  3. Designated DocShare administrators can create new users and apply group-based restrictions that allow you to control which files they can access.

That's it!

You and anyone who has been granted access to DocShare can upload, share and discuss important company files, documents and information. You can feel good knowing everything is safe and secure!


We believe in building secure, easy to use and reliable products that you can trust. Your data is your own, which is why we want to encourage sharing, teamwork and company growth by empowering you to take control of who can access your sensitive data and discussions.

Who should use DocShare?

DocShare is for anyone who wishes to keep their files and discussions safe, secure and separate from their website files. User groups, file/document groups and branding can be all customized to meet the need of virtually any client, business or industry. It's an excellent tool for managing; business discussions, client files, HR documents, photography sessions, draft ideas, etc. Ask us how DocShare can help your business manage files.

The benefits of DocShare

Group-based restrictions control who can access files

Create admin users with permissions to access your files

Keep detailed, time-stamped notes on files and documents

Collaborate with your team, through discussion boards

Keep track of file versions and revisions

A Completely Standalone System

Sensitive files kept seperate from your website

Excellent Support via email or phone, 9-5